Linq Performance was created to provide easily accessible and affordable Peak Performance and Mental Health Awareness Training for children and those responsible for them. Our online training courses are focused on the unique challenges children face during their development and will help them become aware of their mental health triggers, be able to recognize signs that an issue may exist, and know what to do when issues present themselves. Our proactive approach to mental health management also places a heavy emphasis on developing resilience, mindfulness and emotional intelligence so our children can avoid serious issues and  achieve Peak Performance in whatever they do. Far too many children are requiring emergency care due to mental health issues that either weren’t recognized or weren’t treated early enough. Not only is this terrifying for everyone involved, but it is also extremely expensive. Our goal is to help everyone impacting a child’s life prevent these emergencies.

Online Training for Children and the Adults Responsible for Them

Our e-learning programs are uniquely designed for sports clubs, school districts and other large organizations that are responsible for children. Our training includes individual courses for athletes, students, coaches, teachers, administrators and parents. For more information, please click here.

Live Training and Seminars

Our expert trainers are also available to provide live, onsite training seminars for any type of organization, whether that be corporate or non-profit, or any other group that is interested in Mental Health Awareness and/or Peak Performance Training for their staff.


Not sure if your organization is prepared to manage mental health issues if they arise? Our experts can perform an assessment of your internal policies and procedures and guide you through the necessary changes to make sure you have the appropriate tools to support your organization.

About Us

Linq Performance was established as the mental health awareness training and consulting arm of Linq Therapy, a leading outpatient mental health counseling practice based in Frisco, TX. Our mission is to transform the way people view and manage their mental health. Historically, mental health management has always been a reactive practice, where people don’t take action until there is a problem. While we will always be there to serve that population, Linq is unique in that it tries to take a more proactive approach and help people avoid professional mental healthcare.

Contact Us

For more information, please contact us at:


Phone: 972-292-9469

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